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US exchanges don’t want to list Ripple even for millions of dollars – Bloomberg

Ripple, a startup that controls the third largest cryptocurrency that major banks and payment services are interested in, has one serious problem: the two largest American exchanges flatly refuse to list XRP. About writes this Bloomberg.

US exchanges don’t want to list Ripple even for millions of dollars – Bloomberg

Sources familiar with the situation said that last year, Ripple offered Gemini and Coinbase hefty sums to create trading pairs based on its cryptocurrency, but they were adamant. The thing is that American regulators are pursuing a policy aimed at preventing the spread of valuable papers under the guise of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. That fact, that XRP is controlled by one company means that this cryptocurrency has at least one sign of a security, therefore, its listing can result in serious problems for the exchange.

US exchanges don't want to list Ripple even for millions of dollars - Bloomberg

Last year, the head of Ripple approached Gemini with a proposal to list XRP for $ 1 million in fiat. This was followed by several other proposals with differing conditions, the source said..

During preliminary negotiations with Coinbase last fall, Ripple offered to borrow more than $100 million in its own cryptocurrency with the prospect of deriving large benefits from the subsequent growth of the rate.

Both exchanges were forced to refuse Ripple, the source explained.

A spokeswoman for Ripple said that not all the information provided by the sources is true, but declined to name exactly where they made a mistake..

Among other things, if XRP is still recognized as a security, then it will not be about inclusion, but about the exclusion of cryptocurrency from the listing of trading platforms, which can also be fined.

Previously, the possibility of adding Ripple to Coinbase has repeatedly become a breeding ground for speculation and rumors, against the background of which the cryptocurrency rate showed positive dynamics..

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