Flow Blockchain Developers

Flow Blockchain Developers Prepare to Launch Staking

Dapper Labs, known for developing projects such as CryptoKitties and NBA Topshot, announced the launch of the Flow Port tool. It will allow users of its own Flow blockchain to stake, delegate and manage assets..

Flow Blockchain Developers Prepare to Launch Staking

The announcement provides information on how users will be able to stake FLOW tokens through custodian service providers such as Kraken and Coinlist, as well as delegate tokens to incumbent node operators. It also mentions support for Ledger hardware wallets that will be able to work with the Flow Port..

“The Flow Port allows anyone to create and manage non-custodial Flow accounts with any number of providers, from Ledger hardware wallets and Blocto software wallets. Community members can use Port for direct control with their tokens FLOW, staking for the purpose of launching nodes or delegating in favor of one of the 300 existing nodes that will be available by the time the staking starts. This number will include nodes owned by major partners such as Samsung, Ubisoft and T-Systems, ”the company said..

Flow Blockchain Developers Prepare to Launch Staking

In addition, participants in the Flow token sale received an email with information on the timing of the staking launch. The staking / delegation option is expected to open on December 10th. Applications will need to be submitted by December 15th. Staking rewards start earning on December 16, and their first distribution will take place on December 23.

“IN present time you don’t need to do anything. If you hold FLOW with a custodian service such as Kraken, Finoa or CoinList, they will share additional information with you regarding the delegation of your stake as the start date approaches. If you are using Ledger or Blocto you can use Flow Port for staking/ delegating your FLOWs starting December 10 2020 year“, – the message says.

The Flow blockchain is optimized for the needs of the gaming industry with a focus on collectibles, unique tokens and more digital assets. According to the developers, Ethereum, on which they initially launched their Cryptokitties, is of little use for solving these problems..

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