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Developer Confirmed Readiness to Launch Ethereum 2.0 in November

Ethereum 2.0 still does not have an exact launch date, but the public now has a list of tasks that must be completed before release.

Developer Confirmed Readiness to Launch Ethereum 2.0 in November

Raoul Jordan, a developer at the Prysmatic Labs startup behind the implementation of Prysm’s most popular testnet client for Ethereum 2.0, Medalla, has posted an article with new details. The list is intended to enable stakeholders to track progress towards the launch of the main network “without having to speculate about deadlines.”.

Preparations for the Ethereum 2.0 launch are on track, Jordan said. By mid-October, the developers expect to finish adding new features to the code and fully focus on improving security and user experience. “November still seems like a good time to launch if everything goes well,” adds Jordan..

According to the list presented, one of the key requirements for the launch of Ethereum 2.0 phase zero is the availability of Prysm client security audits from Quantstamp and Trail of Bits. Quantstamp has already conducted a review, generally approving the code with some improvements and fixes. Jordan stresses that two independent audits will help ensure the safety of the new network participants.

Developer Confirmed Readiness to Launch Ethereum 2.0 in November

In addition, Prysmatic Labs will soon stop providing its own Eth1 nodes to users. They were used to simplify the interaction with the testnet, however, as the mainnet approaches, they should be turned off so that the current conditions look more like real ones. Users are expected to either run such nodes themselves, or use third-party services such as Infura and Alchemy.

Also, the list of mandatory requirements includes the implementation of the eth2.0-apis standard in Prysm to ensure client compatibility, fuzzy testing and improved mechanisms for punishing malicious nodes..

Developer Confirmed Readiness To Launch Ethereum 2.0 In November

You can track the execution of these tasks on the page organized by the developers on GitHub.

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