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Bitso CEO: SegWit2x is not a Bitcoin update, but a split

Another signatory of the New York agreement has reconsidered its attitude to the controversial hard fork SegWit2x.

Bitso CEO: SegWit2x is not a bitcoin update, but a split

Daniel Vogel, co-founder and president of the Mexican bitcoin exchange Bitso, sent a letter to subscribers to the SegWit2x mailing list, in which he expressed his doubts about the upcoming hard fork, which should happen in about 2 weeks. Vogel is primarily concerned about that fact, that while SegWit2x proponents argue that the hard fork is intended to update the bitcoin code, it will inevitably entail the emergence of a new fork of the bitcoin blockchain.

“I encourage everyone to take another look at the S2X code from a technical perspective. The codebase was written as a bitcoin update. I think we have enough solid data to show that S2X is no longer an upgrade, ”he wrote..

He also noted that despite the fact that most of the hash rate continues to signal in support hard fork, several pools withdrew their solutions or refused to support SegWit2x initially, and several more continue to hesitate.

In addition, Vogel drew attention to the fact that none of the cryptocurrency exchanges did not completely abandon support for the original blockchain, which happens when a hard fork is really a blockchain upgrade.

“Ultimately I think it’s up to the users. No user asked us to keep support blockchain Ethereum, used before fork of Byzantium. And thousands of users are asking us to leave support for the original BTC, ”he added..

According to Vogel, Bitso signed the New York agreement to help activate SegWit, which was successfully done, but the agreement itself was not viable..

Bitso CEO: SegWit2x is not a Bitcoin update, but a split

“The fact is, the New York Agreement failed to unify the community and provide a secure mechanism to update Bitcoin as intended,” Vogel said..

Bitso CEO: SegWit2x is not a Bitcoin update, but a split

“This is not a blockchain update. This is a chain split, ”he summed up.

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