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Bitcoin Cash updates all-time lows paired with bitcoin amid upcoming fork

Cryptocurrency rate Bitcoin Cash is now at absolute lows in tandem with Bitcoin. At time of publication, BCH is quoted at 0.19 BTC on Coinbase and other exchanges.

Bitcoin Cash updates all-time lows paired with bitcoin amid upcoming fork

Shortly after the fork in August 2017 year for 1 BCH, you could buy almost half a bitcoin. Three years later, the price of BCH paired with the original cryptocurrency turned out to be even lower than the price of Ethereum, which has several times higher emission.

Bitcoin Cash for a short time was worth about $ 5,000, now it is $ 260. Its capitalization at its peak was close to $ 100 billion and exceeded that of Ethereum, but since then it has dropped to $ 5 billion..

The Bitcoin Cash promotion was originally based on the idea that it is a digital form of money, as the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, saw it. In the end Of 2018 the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency split from Bitcoin Cash, whose supporters once again tried to rethink peer-to-peer digital money and lured part of the community over to their side. This did not contribute to the strengthening of BCH, but led to the formation of a general atmosphere of discord, where the followers of each cryptocurrency pursue personal interests..

Bitcoin Cash is now waiting for another controversial fork, which should take place on November 15. It became controversial because of the conflict between the main supporter of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Vera, and the lead developer Amaury Sechet. The latter promises to separate from users of its own client Bitcoin ABC. They activate the rule that 8% of block rewards will be donated to the cryptocurrency development fund. Faith with supporters does not support this rule.

Exchanges are already starting to prepare for the upcoming fork. OKEx today announced that as a result, two competing assets can be expected: BCH ABC and BCHN. She intends to assign the BCH ticker to the one that will have the highest price after the fork, as well as credit the coins of both chains to the users’ accounts..

Bitcoin Cash updates all-time lows paired with bitcoin amid upcoming fork

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